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B.SC. Biochemistry Honours Tuitions (CU)


6-8 Semesters

Fee Details​​


How to Register

Click on the registration link and enter your details.

Then complete your enrollment by clicking on the enrollment link and paying the fees (use Gpay option).

Then mail your copy of Aadhar, Last Marksheet, College/University/Job ID & the payment screenshot to Mention the subject of mail as TUITIONS and mention the starting date in the mail. We will schedule batches for you asap.

We will return mail you with the registration and enrollment details ASAP.

About the Course

Sem 1:
a.) Biomolecules
b.) General Organic Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry + Organic Chemistry)

Sem 2:
a.) Enzymology
b.) Physical Chemistry

Sem 3:
a.) Bio-physical Chemistey
b.) Cell biology
c.) Metabolism of carbohydrate & lipid
d.) Tools & techniques in Biochemistry/Protein purification techniques (anyone)

Sem 4:
a.) Membrane biology and bioenergitics
b.) Metabolism of Amino Acids and Nucleic Acid
c.) Basic Microbiology and Microbial Genetics
d.) Clinical Biochemistry/Recombinant DNA Technology (any one)

Sem 5:
a.) Molecuar Biology
b.) Physiology and Endocrinology (Hormone)
c.) Nutritional Biochemistry/Molecular basis of infectious disease (any one)
d.) Advanced Biochemistry/Plant Biochemistry (any one)

Sem 6:
a.) Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
b.) Immunology
c.) Advanced Cell Biology/MoIecuIar basis of non-infectious human diseases (any one)
d.) Molecular diagnostics/Research Methodology (any one)

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