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By resolution 42/112 of seven Gregorian calendar month 1987, the final Assembly determined to watch twenty-six Gregorian calendar month because the International Day against substance abuse ANd Illicit Trafficking as an expression of its determination to strengthen action and cooperation to attain the goal of a global society freed from substance abuse.

Supported every year by people, communities, and varied organisations everywhere around the globe, this international observance aims to lift awareness of the foremost drawback that illicit medicine represents to society.

COVID-19 has brought unexampled public awareness on health, protecting measures for staying healthy, and most significantly, and on protective one another. A growing sense of worldwide community and commonality continues to emerge, as will the necessity to confirm health take care of all.

World Drug Day may be a day to share analysis findings, evidence-based knowledge and life-saving facts, to continue sound into a shared spirit of commonality. The campaign invitations everybody to try and do their half, by taking a firm stance against information and unreliable sources; whereas committing to sharing solely the $64000 science-backed knowledge on medicine and save lives.

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