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Forensic Biology


20, 30, 45 Days

Fee Details​​

5000, 9000 & 12000

How to Register

Click on the registration link and enter your details.

Then complete your enrollment by clicking on the enrollment link (use Gpay option).

Then mail your copy of Aadhar, Last Marksheet, College/University/Job ID & a photo to with the screenshot of your payment.

We will return mail you with the registration and enrollment details ASAP.

About the Course

Introduction to GLP, QC, QA
Sterilization & Effluent Tec­hniques
Preparation of Solid and Liquid Media
Isolation of Bacteria from Nails & Hair
Staining of Bacterial Cultures
Catalase, Oxidase, Urease, Dextrose Tests
Isolation of DNA from Blood/Semen
RBC & WBC count
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
Bleeding and clotting time
Blood Group & Blood Films
Teichmann Test
Saliva Detection
Sputum, Stool, Urine & Serum Test
Latent Fingerprint Test
Ouchterlony Double Diffusion
Blood Viscosity Test
Agarose Gel Electrophoresis/SDS Page
Protein Estimation
Nucleic Acid Estimation
To determine fetal haemoglobin
Bone Marrow Staining
To perform Heinz's bodies

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