About the Course

Sterilization Tec­hniques
Preparation of Solid and Liquid Media
Various Methods of Plating and Innoculation of Cultures and Isolation of Pure Colonies
Isolation of Bacteria from Various Sources of Soil, Water, Hair, Nails.
Staining of Microbial Cultures
Biochemical Tests of Bacterial Cultures
Isolation of DNA from Blood
Isolation of DNA from Semen
Red blood cell count
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
Bleeding & Clotting time
Blood groups & Blood Films
White blood cell count (WBC)
Differential cell count
Teichaman Test
Saliva Detection
Latent Fingerprint Test

Forensic Biology


15 Days to 6 Months

Fee Details​​

15 days-5000 / 30 days-8000 / 45 days-10000 / 60 days-13000 / 90 days-15000 / 120 days-20000 / 150 days-25000 / 180 days-30000

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