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At Bose Informatics, everyone has the same chance to learn and progress professionally, as well as pick their career path. We're serious about developing the next generation of leaders. A firm where our success is determined by how well you achieve your goals, where work-life balance is prioritized, and where we assist you in managing your performance and professional development.

If you are interested to work with ous, send us your detailed CV to

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Digital Marketer

Organization Name - BOSE INFORMATICS

Location - Kolkata

Position - Digital Marketing, Data handling, B2B, B2C, Lead Generation, Sales Management, SEO, Digital Promotion.

Primary Responsibility -

  • Increase Website, Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter traffic for the company through digital marketing. 

  • Maintain the SEO of all the digital footprints of the company.

  • Write posts on current topics about Biotechnology and Research and Testing Analysis.

  • Post photos and videos daily on the digital profiles of the company.

  • Do a business analysis of the company.

  • Customer interaction and relationship maintenance.

Qualification & Skills - 

  • Bachelor's Degree / MBA

  • Excellent communication & organization skills

  • Ability to balance administrative & support systems efficiently

  • Knowledge of academic programs in the area to be served.

  • Ability to develop good relationships with current and potential clients.

  • Excellent leadership skills.

  • Experience in project management and sales.

  • Knowledge of productivity tools and software.

  • Great attention to detail and a focus on fact-based decision-making.


Organization Name - BOSE INFORMATICS

Location - Kolkata 

Position - Training & Research Associate

Primary Responsibilities-

  • Teaching & Supervising Bachelors, Masters & PhD students.

  • Conduct lab-based research and tests.

  • Provide new ideas on research.

  • Attending the faculty & departmental meetings.

  • Providing presentations on students' & companys' requirements.

  • Providing demonstration and supervising experiments.

  • Conducting practicals, & mock tests.

  • Conduct seminars and workshops.

  • Planning and presenting lessons to facilitate students' understanding and application of biological & mathematical concepts.

  • Ensuring that the classroom remains safe and conducive to learning.

  • Willingness to work in the early morning and evening hours.

Qualification & Skill-

  • Master's Degree in the field of Life Science.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Ability to communicate effectively

  • Ability to work as a team member.

  • Good teaching skills.

  • Great research skills.

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