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BOSE INFORMATICS is an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company, and indeed our activities have been recognized by the DBT, MEIT, Govt. of India, and WB Govt. "Bose Informatics is a Biotechnology / Life Science / Data Science / Machine Learning / Blockchain / Business Analytics / Bioinformatics / STEM Education training company with the following activities:- Training, Dissertations, Projects, Skill Development Research, Developmental Bio Entrepreneurship, Bio Incubator Facility, Contractual Manufacturing, Vocational Training for Schools and Colleges. Bose Informatics is a growing community of students and scientists in the fields of bioinformatics, biotechnology, data science, machine learning, blockchain, stem. The institute focuses on education, research, and promoting entrepreneurship: the three pillars of its activities. We also provide Online Training, Human Resource Services, Business Consultancy, etc. The company has been accredited Nationally and in State Wise. We offer students an opportunity to experience a cutting-edge research environment before pursuing their careers. We are also committed to serving the scientific community through contract research. Our alliances are ABLE, AIBA, NPS, NCT, NCW, DCP, YAS, ECIT, AIYCSM, ISGBRD, BRSI, SBTI, AWS, IBM, MICROSOFT, NASSCOM, ISTE, MSME.


1.The most well-equipped organization in the country.
2.International Standard of certification.
3.Different modes of learning.
4.Best quality study material.
5.Assuring job opportunities.
6.To conduct examination and certify with an authenticity that will acclaim academic proficiency and distinctions.
7.Establishing e-literacy all over India and the rest of the world.
8.Imparting computer education at a subsidized rate.
9.Aiding widow and specially-abled student. 


1. Project-oriented courses
2. Dedicated project work for students.
3 Job curriculum-based courses.
4. Global Certification.
5. Maximum placement facility.

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