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20, 30, 45 Days

Fee Details​​

5000, 9000 & 12000

How to Register

Click on the registration link and enter your details.

Then complete your enrollment by clicking on the enrollment link (use Gpay option).

Then mail your copy of Aadhar, Last Marksheet, College/University/Job ID & a photo to with the screenshot of your payment.

We will return mail you with the registration and enrollment details ASAP.

About the Course

Introduction to GLP, QC, QA
PCR Handling
Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
SDS & Ouchterlony Double Diffusion
UV Visible Spectroscopy
Thin Layer Chromatography
Centrifugation & Troubleshooting
-20 Refrigerator & 4°Refrigerator Handling
Laminar Airflow Troubleshooting
BOD & Incubator Maintainance
Tissue & Cell Homogenizer Sonicator
Autoclave Troubleshooting
Rotary Shaker Handling
Vortex Handling
Hot Water Bath Handling
Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate Handling
Ph Meter Calibration
Colony Counter Troubleshooting
Normal & Brightfield Microscopy
UV Chamber Handling
Soxhlet Apparatus Handling
Weighing Balance Maintenance
Hot Air Oven Maintenance
Sterilization Techniques
Culture Identification & Preservation

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