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Bio fertilizers also called organic fertilizers, increases the nutrient availability to the plants by subjugating the rhizosphere or the internal plant parts. Bio fertilizers contain microorganisms which perform nitrogen fixation, phosphorous solubilization and also stimulate plant growth by instigating the growth hormones. They are eco-friendly unlike chemical fertilizers and also increase soil fertility and sustainability of the soil nutrients. The microbes act in a symbiotic manner by residing safely in the plant roots and breaking complex organic compounds into simple compounds to be used up by the plants. These fertilizers function for a long time and also provide protection against various soil borne diseases. These have a high output value while giving back negligible toxic outputs. This project was done to aware people in the agriculture sector to make use of bio fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers. Here our motto was to isolate Bacillus subtilis from soil and then mix the culture with charcoal powder and water in an appropriate ratio to make the fertilizer in a compost form. Then those samples were applied on the roots of spinach plants and to measure its positive effect, chemical fertilizers were also used separately as a positive control. The results were recorded and the project was continued for further research to find out which plant hormone was instigated more and to check their effects accordingly.

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