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INR 250 COVID-19 Self Test Kit-Worthy?

When it comes to covid, everybody is scared as hell. We have been facing the 2nd wave of this pandemic and now even if we get a small cough and cold we get shit scared and the first thought that comes to our mind is that we need to keep ourselves isolated and we should go for an rt-PCR test to confirm our covid infection, but it is not as easy as said because going to the hospitals for an rt-PCR test is risky as one can get easily infected. Even though the test can be done from home, but still it is time-consuming, and not all the rt-PCR results have positive results. One also has to wait for at least 48-72 hours for the test results and that waiting time is very scary. So, in such a situation, a self-test kit is a boom especially when hospitals are overloaded and so are the staffs. So, when Mylab has introduced a self-test kit, it is a blessing in disguise and it has been approved by the ICMR on 19th May 2021. Now anyone can test themselves at home without even leaving their homes or even wait for 48-72 hours. This is an antigen-based test kit and it can give us an idea if we need to do an rt-PCR test after we have fallen sick. The data after the test is uploaded to the company's database which is shared with the government and we can get to know the results of the test within 15 to 20 minutes. This kit costs- INR 250 while an rt-PCR test costs from INR 400-1500 and a general rapid test costs around INR 300-900 in testing centers. So, this test kit has been a game-changer to us and ICMR has advised that only patients with symptoms should go through this test. How do I use the kit at home?

It's very simple. One has to sanitize their hands and the test kit pack before the test. Then they have to open the pack which comes with a pre-filled extraction tube, sterile nasal swab, a testing card, and a biohazard bag. Then download the CoviSelf app and enter your details. Once you are done with that, then insert the swab in your nose (2-4 cms) until it touches the back of the nasal tract and rub it there 2-3 times. Then repeat the same process with the same swab inside the other nosetrill. Then open the tube of the extraction tube and insert the swab until it reaches the bottom of the tube. Then break the remaining part of the swab stick which is outside the extraction tube and close the lid of the tube. Swirl the swab in the tube. After that, take two drops of extraction fluid on the testing card and wait for 15 to 20 minutes. There are two lines on the card-t is the test line and c is the control line. If one tests positive, then both the lines will be visible clearly but if someone tests negative, then only the c line will appear clearly. Scan the card with the app and then discard the card in the biohazard bag and dispose of it in a dustbin. Immediately clean your hand with a sanitizer and that's it. you are done with the test. If you test positive, then do take an rt-PCR test and get yourself checked by a doctor.

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