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Cellulase is an enzyme that helps to break down cellulose into monosaccharides (simple sugars). This enzyme is mainly produced by bacteria, fungi and protozoans. This method of isolation was easy and cost effective and also nontoxic. Cellulase have a wide range of uses like in the paper and pulp sector, in laundry detergents, in agriculture, pharmaceutical industry and also for medical purposes. In this project, cellulase was isolated from Bacillus subtilis culture and then the enzyme was purified by centrifugation and chromatography. Bacillus subtilis was isolated from soil by serial dilution and grown in Bacillus Differentiation Agar media to isolate single colonies. Furthermore, the broth was subjected to a temperature of 65°C to prevent the growth of other bacteria as Bacillus subtilis has a temperature withstanding capacity of 75-80°C. The enzyme was confirmed by spectrophotometric analysis and SDS PAGE.

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