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Social Media Marketing

Knowing the fundamentals of what makes social media marketing work so well is the key to success. Making money for your company is a big plus (and something you might have set out to do on paper), but social media provides businesses with opportunities that were more difficult to come by before smartphones became our best friends. You can build a relationship with your audience on social media in ways that weren't possible before Facebook went viral. We get to use social media to interact with our audience and demonstrate that we are experts in our field. On one platform, the right social media marketing plan speaks to your cold, wet, and hot leads.

That, in turn, contributes to sales. Businesses flourish when people see you as more than a fancy logo and more as a relatable specialist in your profession (B2B or B2C!). We've seen existing businesses use social media to expand their audience reach, as well as startups emerge as a result of their use of social media (for example, influencers launching merch shops). Let's go over the fundamentals of social media marketing so we can build on a strong basis.

What is the concept of social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a technique for connecting with the consumer avatar and guiding them through the Customer Value Journey using social media channels. You'll approach consumers in the first two stages of the CVJ, Aware and Engage, with social marketing. Drive traffic to your website to raise awareness of your brand and marketing strategies, as well as to encourage your customer avatar to engage with your content (blog posts, podcast episodes, etc.).

There are the fundamentals of the social media marketing that you can consider before launching your campaign. However, there are several other advantages of having a social audience. You can use your audience to figure out what your consumer avatar needs to know and what subjects they're interested in. You can use the information to build material, lead magnets, or paid items. You can also use your social media followers to test sponsored promotions. To see how the crowd responds to different copy and ad creatives, test them out on your social feed. You should spend the advertising dollars on the content that has the most interest, likes, or conversions. For most companies, social media marketing is a big opportunity. Even the most specialized companies can find consumer avatars on the internet. That isn't to say they have to.

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