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Biotech Internship in Kolkata

For decades, students have been struggling to find the perfect place for internship. Either its a private institute with hands-on training where there are'nt good practicals with high fees or there are govt. institutes where full hands-on training is a myth. So, look no more, as we present to you Bose Informatics, the biggest biotech internship lab in kolkata with biotech hands-on training lab in kolkata where we have kept our fees as minimum for the students to bear with their own pocket money. We have all the necessary topics that are of demand right now and with our best in class infrastructure, we are the best biotech lab in kolkata for student internship and research. We have dissertation projects starting from 2 months to a year and we are the only lab in kolkata to start full length Mammalian and Cancer Cell Line with CRISPR-CAS 9 Hands-on Training from January 2024.

So, look no more and join us at Bose Informatics for a real and valuable Internship where we take care of your needs personally and since we are incubated at IISER-KOLKATA, our certification has been valued internationally as in 2023, two of our students have gone abroad for their masters at UK.


Biotech Internship Training Kolkata

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