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Biotech Internship in Kolkata

We reduced and stabilized Chitosan nanoparticles from 200 nm to 54 nm.

The reduction of Chitosan nanoparticle size from 200 nm to 54 nm can be achieved through a combination of mechanical and chemical methods. One effective approach involves the use of high-energy ball milling, which can physically break down the larger nanoparticles into smaller sizes through intense mechanical forces.

To facilitate this process, the ball milling can be carried out in the presence of a suitable capping agent or surfactant. These capping agents help to stabilize the smaller nanoparticles formed during the milling process, preventing their agglomeration and further growth.

Additionally, the introduction of a mild reducing agent, during the ball milling process can aid in the reduction of the particle size by promoting the dissolution and re-precipitation of the nanoparticles at a smaller scale.

The milling parameters, such as the ball-to-powder ratio, milling time, and milling speed, should be carefully optimized to achieve the desired particle size reduction while minimizing any potential structural damage or phase transformation.

After the ball milling process, additional purification steps, such as centrifugation or filtration, may be required to remove any excess capping agents or byproducts and obtain a stable dispersion of the 54 nm Chitosan nanoparticles.

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